There’s This Song…

Built for the Future

There’s this song I like…

The Fixx

It’s by a group that formed in 1982 and is still together now, in 2018, with their original lineup.  That’s an astonishing feat and while I enjoy the themes and textures of all of their music, the song, Built for the Future has the lyrical timelessness to keep it both relevant and worthy of note, until Jesus returns to set up His Millennial Reign. To me, that makes it prophetic.

Touching on the nefarious intent of actions so subtle by those either in power, or who seek to gain it, that you don’t recognize the bondage right away.  Eventually you become hopelessly victimized, even trapped by the collective result of them in total.

  • A sin so clean,
  • Rules supreme,
  • Their power to undermine…
  • It doesn’t mean much now, it’s built for the future

The group, is The Fixx, and front man Cy Curnin, an RG Prophet, is a thoughtful storyteller, who doesn’t shy away from the inconvenient truths that affect us all.  You can give it a listen here if you wish, through the camera lens of the then pioneering music video.


Jesus said in Luke 16, “The sons of this world are more shrewd than the sons of light.”  The clarion calls in this song are just as relevant today as they were when it was released in the 1980s, and its become progressively easier to see what the lyrics are talking about all around us.  Unfortunately, it is a bit harder to see the sons of light leveraging their influence for the Kingdom of God around us, in discernible countermeasure.

But there’s this song…

which always gives me pause to scan for new opportunities to that end.

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